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Slide Invest Accurately and
Rapidly into DeFi Projects
RapidTrade is the most comprehensive place to find and research
established and newly launching projects and to enable you to trade
faster than using them directly to maximise your profit potential.
Find tokens before they launch
RADAR — A community and semantic search engine that scouts for upcoming OTC pre-launches.
Find the newest hot launches
MONITOR — A real-time stream of tokens listing on Uniswap with the Radar’s pre-launch OTC price data.
A better way to trade
TRADE — A faster trading UI with in-line analytics and limit orders, trade better, faster.

Trade faster and more accurately


The Radar is a semantic search engine that scouts for projects and using the wisdom of the community to verify data we are able to find projects and all of their information pre-UniSwap launch. The Radar will find and list upcoming OTC launches allowing you to buy into projects at pre-launch prices.

Find OTC launches before they happen

All the price and tokenomics of tokens pre-launch

Community moderated to ensure quality


The Monitor is a real-time stream of tokens listing on Uniswap with every data point you can think of or need. The Monitor is tied with the Radar’s pre-launch data which enables you to see everything we can find out about a project as it lists, not just the token contract address and other basic info.

All the launch and pre-launch data in one view

Track all the dev wallets, whales and their buy in prices

TG, twitter, website and all project info on launch in one location


Our analysis platform enables you to real-time monitor trading and analyse a project during and after a launch. RapidTrade will let you make informed decisions faster, get a full view of the token, every metric you can imagine that typically requires you to research across half a dozen websites is here in one place — every key decision-making metric all in one view.

Real-time analytics of price, volume, holders, market capitalization

Real-time charting as soon as it lists in a DEX

Semantic search and crowd sourced verified data unavailable on any other platform


Trade faster and smarter with our simple but powerful trading interface. When viewing a token you can see the real-time price chart, incoming buys and sells, the live fast gas fees and recommended slippage. You will also be able to set buy and sell limit orders to automatically buy and sell for you.

Estimation of slippage and gas fees with total cost

Simple buy and sell limit orders coming soon

Single token trading interface with live trades, charting and pre-launch data

Multi-DEX support

Trade on tokens all the major DEXs such as Uniswap, SushiSwap and Balancer.

Monitor and view analytical data for tokens on all the major DEXs such as Uniswap, SushiSwap and Balancer.


Keep track of your favourite coins or tokens with watch lists. You can set a theoretical buy in price and date to see what your potential profit or loss might have been.

Whale Watch

Monitor the largest wallets in a token, view their average buy in price and their specific buy in price per order, and be alerted when they start to sell those positions.

Farming ROI finder

Filter and find the most profitable, and liquid farms and pools to invest into. You can filter by more metrics than any other platform and invest directly into the pool from our platform.

OTC Launch Data

Through our Radar, we attach all of the pre-launch data of a token to the token after it has laucnhed so you have a full view of the pre-sale price, OTC details, launch price and more.

Trending Tokens

Find tokens trending by the number of users viewing the token, volume or number of trades to name a few. We offer more ways to find what’s hot and trending than ever before.

Community Research

Using the wisdom of the crowd, the community can add and moderate data on a token, giving more centralized insights about a token than any other platform.

Farm and
Liquidity Management

Data analytics: statistics such as profitability and volatility, fees generated

Invest into and withdraw from farming pools directly from our UI

Find most profitable pools with advanced filtering

Trading Channels & Price Bots

Token owners can add our price bot to their own trading channel to see real-time buys and sells of their token, with the current price and link to trade on RapidTrade.

Anyone can join our public Radar and Monitor channels where we feed the real-time list of tokens the Radar has found and what has launched on UniSwap, SushiSwap and other DEXs.

Token buy and sell bots for Telegram channels
Twitter feed of trending & hot radar picks
Radar & Monitor channels on Telegram and Discord
Token chat channel on Discord

Trending & Sentiment Analysis

Find tokens trending by the number of users viewing the token, or by wallets increasing, volume or number of trades to name a few. We offer more ways to find what’s hot and trending than ever before. Even filter by launch date, so you only see the latest tokens or tokens past the initial pump.

For each token we also integrate sentiment analysis to determine what people are saying about a token, positive or negative, bullish or bearish.


Roadmap Overview

We have a tightly planned feature rich 6 month roadmap with an extended 12+ month plan that is more flexible to users needs, and changes in the market.

Q3 2020 (Completed)

  • RapidTrade initial R&D
  • Team recruitment
  • Seed funding
  • Initial development planning
  • Development of Monitor web UI and Telegram Bot

Q4 2020 (Completed)

  • Integrate VegaSwap funding platform
  • Launch Monitor web UI and Telegram Bot
  • Begin development of Analysis and Trading
  • Begin development of Tokenlists

Q1 2021 (In Progress)

  • Begin development of watchlists
  • Launch Analysis and Trading UI for tokens
  • Integrate SushiSwap
  • Start development of Radar
  • Launch Radar TG, Discord and Web UI

Q2 2021

  • Integrate VegaSwap
  • Launch Watchlists
  • Begin development of Trending
  • Begin development of Farming ROI

Q3 2021

  • Integrate Balancer, Curve, MooniSwap
  • Launch Farming ROI finder
  • Development of Sentiment Analysis
  • Improved Radar automation

Ongoing and beyond
Future features are open for community suggestion and vote.

OTC pre-sale campaign currently live

Round A is available now.

Round A OTC token price:
$0.05 USD

Round B OTC token price:
$0.06 USD

Round C OTC token price:
$0.07 USD

Uniswap listing price:
$0.10 USD

OTC sale ends in:

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